Land Nav Assistant App Reviews

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I like this app but is now incompatible with the new iOS 10! I cant verify my points anymore by tapping on the pins! Please fix!! Its a paid app and customers shouldnt have to go through these issues!

Great app

Would like to edit points and change colors of pins. 5 stars.

Great app

Used this both before deployment and during. Works really well. Was able to pull up coordinates faster than my dagr, and got me to every point I needed.


Punch in the grid and your off. Gets you were your going with ease. Would recommend to anyone for assistance with land Nav.


Very basic very simple very easy to use. Was exactly what I was looking for. Set waypoints or locations and with no internet service will tell you the heading you need to use to get there.

Great Product

Its a great compliment to the knowledge you should already have with regards to land nav. Easy to use. Would buy again.

Good app

Good app was able to find all my points and used it twice with no problems. Highly recommend app for landnav course.

Land Nav

Works really well for the money you pay for it.

Its ok but.....

Im pretty darn good at land navigation but wasnt in the mood for it. So I downloaded this app...its easy to use and it found 3 out of 4 of my points, but it left me stranded on my last point. Had me going in circles. I had to revert back to my trusty compass. So this is why I give yall a 3 out of 5.

Definitely worth 5 stars for a free app

Works better than a DAGR! One improvement I would recommend is to put maps on there. Lots of them available free via USGS


With this app its pretty much impossible to get lost! Seriously, thanks!

Great App for Army Land Navigation

I was hesitant on getting this app but after reading the reviews and testing this out at the Fort Hood Land Nav site Training Area 72, it was quite close to where the points were. This app is worth the money.

This app is very functional but some improvements are welcome

First off kudos to you, the app works flawless, but here are some list of improvements , my job is dealing with maps so here are my wishes When getting location it would be nice if you made the app collect points continuously, for improving the accuracy , specially if you are in the woods, sometimes you could get faulty readings but, if lets say you stay in one spot and take points for about a minute and average them out it would be much more accurate, currently I dont think there is a app that does this Another is the compass, it would be nice if it showed you what was the azimuth to your next point from you current location and I would like the option for full screen. It would be wonderful I the app would show speed, and the path traveled When entering mgrs it would be nice to have 3 boxes one for current zone , then the others for x and y , which will make it much simpler when entering them


Good app..was a little nervous using at first. But I definitely had no issues found 10/10 points with it.

Better than military issued equipment

Currently on my 2nd deployment, Ive used this during real life scenarios and havent had a problem. Got grid coordinates in seconds. Works great outdoors. Might have direction issues when youre inside a vehicle but outdoors is great

Works great

Had absolutely no problems with this app. Was able to navigate with it perfectly!

Simple, perfect and now even better!

Simple app, but it does exactly what it says. Coordinates are dead on.

Great app!

Outstanding app! Used it during R&R on a hog hunt in Oklahoma to get to all the different stands...worked perfectly. Just plugged in the grid coords & took off!

Great Tool

Found all points with 2HRs 30mins remaining of 5HRs. Though I had some distance to make, knowing the plotting and azimuth were correct made finding the points that easier.


Worked for my night course. Put me within 20 feet of the point every time.

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