Land Nav Assistant App Reviews

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Punch in the grid and your off. Gets you were your going with ease. Would recommend to anyone for assistance with land Nav.

Great app

Used this both before deployment and during. Works really well. Was able to pull up coordinates faster than my dagr, and got me to every point I needed.

Great app

Would like to edit points and change colors of pins. 5 stars.


I like this app but is now incompatible with the new iOS 10! I cant verify my points anymore by tapping on the pins! Please fix!! Its a paid app and customers shouldnt have to go through these issues!

Tested multiple times

Almost perfect accuracy. Simple and easy to use. I sprinted through my last land nav course and got 5 out of 5.


From my experience as a scoutmaster, land surveyor, and youth leader-- this is a great app for simple, reliable and accurate navigation outdoors or to off the grid locations Google Maps cant find.


All I can say is WOW! Bravo.

Works great on FTCKY

Works great on the division land nav course on ft Campbell, ky

App works. But doesnt.

While the app does work, a 10 digit grid is actually an 8 digit grid when you have to input the grid designator. 8 digit gets you within 100m of your point. Which in thick forest looking for a specific point, a white ammo can in this case, is useless. If it was a true 10digit gps, this would be the best land nav app out there.

Great app works perfectly

This app worked flawlessly for me. 8 digit grids are actually within 10m not 100 as a previous review stated (hence the reason it says accurate within 10m) and if you cant find a point standing within 10m of it, thick forest or not, then there isnt much hope for you anyway! Great app, love the feature where you can press on your points and it gives an arrow pointing where you need to go and how many meters left. Does exactly what it says no more no less.


Works perfect on fort bliss land nav course!


Theres no other app out there like this one. Just plug in ur grid of where your at and the grid of where you need to be and it literally tells you the azimuth u need to walk and for how long. And u can always change the grids at anytime! Devs if this app could get any better than what it is ie.( show line on Map from the different points to give us a better sound picture of a visual of how long the two or more points are from each other would be cool) as an option! All in all I recommend this to everyone!

Best App Ive spent money on.

If it werent for this app I would be lost somewhere in Camp Atterbury, IN. Im awesome at land nav but the advanced course there would have gotten me lost a thousand times over without this app. Works perfectly for ten digit grids. Found my points exactly.

Best app

Without a doubt great app

Good for a grid

This app does provide a grid and a general location of where you are on a 1:50k map. Their are several other free apps that do this as well. The $ of the app should be free since the map data is very limited. You can NOT use this as a map for navigating. The images are too far out to see any details of where you are exactly or depicting terrain that is changing steeply. This app is basically good for getting a grid or finding a general location. It does not help you in any way pre plan a route.

Great App!

This app is freaking awesome! Hands down, if youre in the military, this app is for you. Very accurate, just plot and go. Hoah!

Land Nav Assistant

It gets the job done. I use it to plot points for my joes to find. Its a good training tool.

Please refund my money

This app does not work as advertised. I want a refund


Great app. I use it to confirm course points all the time with 5m accuracy.

Great app

I seldom ever write reviews, but this app is awesome. Easy to use, accurate even with 1 bar of reception. Even if you are skeptical I urge you to trust the app when youre on the ground, or use it to just double check where you are.

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